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CrushedCRM™ Gold

Established in 2012 our comprehensive product range covers diverse commodities including iron ore, bauxite, gold bearing minerals and more. Our extensive catalogue of in-stock CRMs is complemented by the custom-produced CRMs, tailored to client specifications using their own materials. This flexibility and customisation have cemented our reputation as a certified reference materials supplier that prioritises client needs.

As the world’s leading supplier of iron ore CRMs, we have earned the trust of every top-tier iron-ore mining company in Australia, becoming an integral partner in their operations. Our patent-pending IMS Crushed Gold, a revolutionary product in its field, stands as the flagship innovation within our range of groundbreaking product developments, further establishing us as a premier certified reference materials supplier.

We care passionately about our customers and the quality and consistency of our products. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous approach we take towards data and detail, backed by the expertise, experience, and outstanding technical know-how of our team.

Specialist Products & Services.

We operate across all commodities, offering a wide range of certified reference materials (CRMs) from our catalogue. We also provide custom-produced CRMs tailored to your specific requirements. Explore our range of category-shaping unique products, developed by our team of technical experts.

Operational Excellence.

We are the first CRM manufacturer to receive ISO 17034 accreditation in multiple jurisdictions and deliver market-leading product homogeneity through the use of proprietary technology.

Customer Focused Approach.

Our experienced team of data-driven experts is committed to providing a high level of responsiveness, care, and after-sales support, underscoring our dedication to exceeding customer expectations as a certified reference materials supplier.

At Iluka Resources, we rely on reference materials for quality control monitoring of our laboratory processes during mineral sands exploration and processing. We first contacted Independent Mineral Standards (IMS) to prepare a batch of mineral sands reference materials. After evaluating the homogeneity of the batch provided by IMS, it became apparent that batches from our previous supplier required reprocessing. IMS has since reprocessed three batches of reference material for us, resulting in a significant decrease in typical relative standard deviation from 4.5% to 0.9%. By switching to IMS as our supplier, we have greatly improved our process control and quality control through the use of fit-for-purpose reference materials.


IMS helped us define the scope and technical parameters for a projects to make reference materials to address a series of complex technical QC challenges. The end product had targeted particle size distribution (PSD) materials to match our process. IMS also developed pigeon-pair CRM materials for monitoring both production process and geological sampling. These materials fitted in the QC of on-site grade and process control analysis.

Robert EmbryFormer Geology Superintendent at Citic Pacific Mining

The initial engagement with IMS involved in-depth discussions and collaboration around the finer technical details of QC monitoring, with the aim of aligning their CRM products/certificates to our meet our operational requirements. This included new, larger 7.2t batch sizes that could be shared across multiple sites, and pulp CRMs that had closer element rates to the products being analysed by the labs.
Having worked with IM now for several years, this initial collaboration led to great results and a trusted on going relationship.

Dr Kevin NessRetired Quality Manager, Intertek Robotic Laboratories


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